About John Ryan and Our Fandom

John Ryan

As you may know, John Ryan DPT is a highly successful Model, Photographer, Physical Therapist, Personal Trainer, Nutritional Supplement Specialist, Scholar and all around Entrepreneur.

As a personal trainer, nutritional supplement specialist

John has been a certified personal trainer for well over five years and has specialized knowledge of dietary, pro/hormone, and "other" supplements not limited to what is available in the United States. Among the products he is familiar with (sp?) include: Trestoderm, Dienolone, Pramipexole, Letrozole, Clomid, Novidex, Trendione, Trenbolone Enanthate, Decanoate, Cyplonate, Phenylproplonate, Acetate, Proplonate, other transdermals and other formulations to be mixed with sterile water. 

About Us

His pictures support his outstanding judgment and obvious good physical results. Just looking at his photos and you can see how he has "evolved". He has managed to keep acne and other "effects" confined to his face. In this area and others, he knows what he is doing!

As a Model/Photographer:

John is the owner of J&J Studios, Philadelphia, and has shot dozens of engagement, wedding, corporate, and birthday events. But John is modest, his real expertise is gained from years on the other side of the camera. As John Gechter, he was a successful model for various companies and his main claim to fame was as "Vincent Desalvo" on camera talent for a famous gay porn site. His pictures and videos can still be viewed there.  

About Us

 John, as Vincent Desalvo, was the enthusiastic “bottom” servicing other men. These films gained him a great following. Other "movie" appearances are available on public websites.  For many years, he was also, an independent, high-priced male escort, known on the east coast as Gio Franco. Those weren't "wealthy uncles" that seemed to be everywhere with him.

As a Scholar:

We all remember John Gechter surviving being “outed” at his Christian undergrad college for doing gay porn. John’s amazing sense of himself over others, self-assuredness, and sense of cunning resilience, has helped him rise from this time, to a degreed practitioner of PT, certified personal training, pharmaceutical excellence and outstanding photography.

As an Entrepreneur:

John’s "sexual ambiguity" has never really been in doubt! He is straight and engaged in these activities to "work his way through" college. He has always dated affluent women and many have "benefitted" from knowing him, and he them, without their ever knowing his history. John "appears" differently today in an attempt to modestly change from the man of the recent past. Don’t let occasional glasses, a beard, a cultured professional demeanor, or various studious incarnations fool you!

About Us

Although, most of this was, just over six years ago, he modestly laughs this all off as a “folly of youth”. In fact, he is a shrewd, calculating, businessman, who used his various situations (and hundreds of people) to advantage for himself, which has proven successful and lucrative. Thus, if there is a fine restaurant in the area, John will be there, Looking the best that medical science will allow, with a gorgeous "lady" from the area as his date, and if he can, charging the bill elsewhere.

Close The Deal:

John Paul Ryan, John Ryan DPT, John Ryan Gechter, John Gechter, Vincent Desalvo, Gio Franco; Google/search any one of his names. No matter how you know him: he is a force to be reckoned with!